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The vision of EPIC is to produce a multifaceted enterprise founded upon core principles of philanthropy, education, and enterprise development.


We believe that it is better to give than to receive.  Empowering brilliant minds and future leaders takes support emotionally, spiritually, and financially.  This is why philanthropy is a core guiding principle of EPIC.


You don’t know what you don’t know.  Some of life’s greatest achievements and worst mistakes are attributed to knowledge or the lack-there-of.  This is why education is a core guiding principle of EPIC.

Enterprise Development

Ideas and dreams are in our heads so that they can help us to produce something that will potentially change the world.  This is exactly what enterprises do, and why enterprise development is a core guiding principle of EPIC.

How do we do it?

Well, it’s actually not just one thing that we do but multiple.  We are an enterprise, which means that we are many organizations, all interrelated yet independently thriving as we collaborate and mutually benefit from the skills and individual missions that we share.

EPIC Kids is a strategic methodology that provides the following:
  • turn-key solution for youth ministry,
  • non-denominational Christian education learning modules
  • youth ministry build and launch support
EPIC Learn is a strategic methodology that provides the following:
  • Christian Education services for tutoring
  • entrepreneurial and career training
  • ministry licensure for youth ministry, evangelism, family care
  • life development and coaching
EPIC Code is a strategic methodology that is focused on and seeks to provide the following:
  • developing technology leaders of the future
  • championing code education through courses, workshops, and summer camps
  • partnership with STEM organizations for community outreach in under-served communities
  • investments in enterprises that empower code learning in under-served communities
EPIC Foundation is a strategic endowment that seeks to provide financial incentives for scholastic excellence. EPIC Foundation seeks to provide the following:
  • Collegiate Scholarship Awards
  • Business Capital Awards
  • Teacher Grants
  • Teacher Fellowship (1 year paid salary)
EPIC Space is a strategic methodology that seeks the following:
  • real estate investments
  • land ownership education
  • property management solutions for churches and religious organizations
  • mixed-use community work and play facilities that improve under-served communities
EPIC Church is an non-traditional church model that seeks to do the following:
  • preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • make disciples for Jesus Christ in all nations
  • unify communities of believers across multiple geographic regions
  • define new models for church leadership structures while adhering to biblical principles of church order
  • develop partnerships with preexisting ministries and churches to combine efforts for greater community and personal life change

More information coming after launch!

More information coming after launch!

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